Key Objectives for Chapter 4 research

Key Objectives for Chapter 4 research - 1 ....

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Key Objectives for Chapter 4 1. Know the definitions of the following key words. Be sure to know what these  terms mean in regards to research Primary research: new or original research undertaken to answer specific  questions Secondary Research: examines information, typically publications, that already  exists Qualitative: research usually involves unstructured open-ended questions using  nonrandom samples Quantitative: research seeks statistically reliable hard data Sample/Sample Size: group to be researched Margin of error: no research can deliver perfectly reliable results Probability Sample: query a subset of the population and generalize those results  to the entire population Non-probability sample Reliability: consistency of results; if repeated research, using the same size  sample and questionnaire, gets the same results, we say it is reliable Validity: whether the research measures what it is supposed to measure; if there  is biased it is not valid Random Sampling: requires that each member of a population have an equal  chance of being selected for inclusion in the sample; most reliable results Systematic Sampling: uses a list or directory from which to select a random  sample Quota Sampling: strives to obtain a sample that includes people from important  subgroups
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2. Know the differences between the following and in what situation you would use 
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Key Objectives for Chapter 4 research - 1 ....

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