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2 - Section Number 1 An inventor has submitted an...

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Unformatted text preview: Section Number 1 An inventor has submitted an application for a patent on a new invention. The proposed device extracts heat from the ocean and converts it to electricai work without rejecting anv heat to a second reservoir. Which statement of Second Law does this device violate? Keivianlanck h. Clasius c. This is a violation of the First Law d. The Second Law of Thermodynamics-was not studied in this course 8. n piston-cylinder device contains a 2 phase mixture of water at a given temperature and pressure. With these properties set. how manv additionai properties can be determined? 51.9 Linda” (“he dome-J {creperotm’e‘i- PVESSHVE. .EJI are Hoff i‘fldflpE’WdE’? f. c. 1!] ”~3 éfnfe {3 not Set. . A laundrv facilitv uses an [E engine to produce eiectricitv which is used to operate the drvers. The engine exhaust gases are then ducted through a heat exchanger to heat water which is then u5ed for the washing machines. The iaundrv facilitv is using what tvpe of cvcie? Lechrfi, 2 [I]; a, Combined cvcle b. Cogeneration cvcle ~ I c. Combined Heat and Power cvcle C ggjfifirfli Z 63': :10 :3 r5 .bandc éhzfi Semi: fining. it]. How does the Carnot cvcle appear on a Ts diagram? Heotangle I . Rhombus c. Circie cl. The shape changes depending on if the cvcle is a vapor power cvcle or a gas power cvcle ...
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