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Econ 202 - When there are competing companies working...

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Terry Crew ECON 202 9.17.2010 Market Failure Prisons are an industry in our nation that have shown a need for a great deal of reform due to a continuing failure to meet the standards and expectations that citizen's require of them. There is mass overpopulation which results in loss of safety and loss of inmate care. The under-staffing caused from the overpopulation makes matters worse by unbalancing the inmate to guard ratio, creating an unsafe work environment for the staff. The major issue that hits the American people can be found in it's wallets with rising taxes to contribute to prison funding (Bureau of Prisons). With the issue of overpopulation the government's main response has always been further funding. This has not been successful, as the funding received by the government is based on present population, and never projected (but yet levels have been increasing exponentially). One possibly alternative has been privatizing prisons, seen on such fantasy televisions shows as Deathrace
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Unformatted text preview: . When there are competing companies working towards achieving the contracts from the government, there is sure to be a decrease in price. These companies would set standards for inmate care, prison safety, and staff training that the government would oversee and supervise (Congressional Budget). Another solution has been to increase the work inmates do, and require them to pay a heavy price for incarceration. The major issue with this, is human rights, and the inability to force them to cooperate. The end result of the government's intervention in the area of Public Goods and Services has been crippling. Now, without major reform, our prisons will continue to face the issue of overpopulation and inadequate budgeting. This will consistently be passed on to citizens in the form of taxes. Bibliography BOP: Federal Bureau of Prisons Web Site . Web. 19 Sept. 2010. <http://www.bop.gov/>. Congressional Budget Office - Home Page . Web. 19 Sept. 2010. <http://www.cbo.gov/>....
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Econ 202 - When there are competing companies working...

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