Terry Crew Option 4 - Terry Crew ENG 202 Session 7 A Night...

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Terry Crew ENG 202 Session 7 A Night Out (Original Work from Session 4) Sitting across from her at the table, his lips were moving ever so gently in a rhythm that seemed robust and charming. She felt awkward staring there, and continued to process the complexity of his being. His eyes were piercing and solid, far from dreamy, but offering strength and subsistence. Next to his eyes, there were crow's feet, which to many mean nothing but age. To her they showed the wear of a hard and complex life, the frailty of humanity in the realm of time and age. She could not understand why in every aspect of him there seemed a type of reasonable perfection. Why his large hands, though unpractical at typing and detailed work, were worn from hard manual labor and carpentry. Even the scars on his arms seemed to beg of tales to be told, of awards won in the hardship of his existence. She breathed him in then, and tasted him with her senses. He did not smell putrid, but well-kept and fresh in every appearence. She could make out his aftershave, a small hint of mouth wash, and a cologne that seemed to beckon her to come closer and become more familiar with it. He lifted his glass, and brought it to those tender lips. So plush in appearance, that she had to question if they were made of the very substance of the clouds. Gently the cup seemed to embrace those tender pillows, and once removed, they gleamed of the cold water he had just drank.
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He spoke, but far before his words reached her ears did she notice the smooth way in which his mouth pronounced those words. “So how was your day?” they had finally
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Terry Crew Option 4 - Terry Crew ENG 202 Session 7 A Night...

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