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Terry Crew ENG 202 11/14/2010 The Destined Hour Less than two weeks ago, I had a concept for a great journey. I would buy a sailboat off of Craigslist.org, and sail it around the state of Florida on my two week vacation. All the details were worked out, the boat would have batteries that would allow me to bring my laptop and do my homework on board. I would have someone with sailing experience who would help me make the trip. It would be a spontaneous adventure, that when I was an old man, I would tell my grandchildren about. The boat was purchased, supplies were ready, and before I knew it we had set sail. There were many things that were uncertain, including the route that we would take. Nobody had thought to look at the weather, and the motor we had brought was not tested and deemed reliable. True enough, as the hour began, the motor quickly began to overheat and smoke. The only person with sailing experience disappeared below deck to figure out our route, while myself and the other member of the crew tried to desperately throw up the sails to keep us in motion.
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