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Terry Crew BUS 120 January 25, 2009 Page 39, 1 + 3 1. I would consider Joe's father to be a utilitarian. He is trying to bring the most happiness to the situation by making sure that Joe's life does not end up a failure because of things that are out of his control. 3. Joe is affected, because his father's efforts directly influence his grade. Joe's future employer may be hiring someone who is unfit, because his grades are not reliable.
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Unformatted text preview: Another student who might receive the same money, but cannot go because Joe is in their place could be missing out. The professor is affected, because now it is an ethical issue that is unfair to the other students (who are also affected). The college is affected because they are giving a degree to someone who is unfit, and ultimately, I am also affected because I am writing this paragraph on his ethical situation....
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