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Terry Crew February 08, 2009 BUS 120 - Business Ethics Ethical Issues - Ethically, the first thing I notice is discrimination based on age and social status. Baseball players may be the heroes of the young, but they are being discriminated against living their own life in their own 'pursuit of happiness' because they are older and in a more public position. The young are being discriminated against based on statistics. It is highly motivation in the speech, as he continues to show that the statistics are on the rise. He says 1 in 27, to 1 in 16. The statistics keep getting higher. He also quotes studies by newspapers as factual. When the government turns to social institutions for facts, I believe there are ethical faults. If rumors are viewed as facts in this case, then nobody would ever stand a chance. And second hand testimony, such as "One Major League baseball players estimated that 40% to 50%.
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Unformatted text preview: .." seem redundant and biased - used only for emphasis. I believe that if your going to bring a case to Congress, it should be based on pure fact. #1. The Stakeholder theory would say that everyone has a role to play in keeping society productive and healthy. In this way, the MLB would hold a social responsibility for making sure that it does not pass a pure message of drugs and a lack or morality from its players. Is the MLB a governing agency? By holding the power for players to play, or if the case be - not play, they have absorbed governing powers. In the same place, media agencies could be just as responsible for showing the content on the air. Teams should have their own requirements in order to play in MLB, that they will test their athletes. I believe that it does not excuse the MLB from governing their players, or excusing them from any responsibility in this matter....
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