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Terry Crew Bus 120 2.15.2009 4.10 #1 If I had been an execute with the Nestle company, I would have changed the marketing approach after the boycotts began. In American society, we look for the big companies of the world to offer safe products that will not harm us, and it is strict liability that companies offer products and services that are in no way harmful to the consumer. Because Nestle was made aware of the fact that refrigeration is not readily available for opened formula, that purified water
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Unformatted text preview: is not readily available, and finally that the formula was mostly diluted and misused, it should have adjusted its efforts to making the formula more complete or offering education on its product. It could have invested in making notes on the packaging, that could be read in the foreign countries native tongue, to make them aware that they can not dilute it, and that it must be kept cold and used with pure and filtered water. Instead, they continued to act in their own way....
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