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2.22.09Reading5.8 - 3 I see people being terminated just...

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Terry Crew BUS 120 January 25, 2009 Page 196, 2 + 3 2. Shareholders should be concerned that officers are putting their entirety into the job. When officers commit affairs and other moral injustices, they are showing that they have too much free time on their hands. Shareholders should want someone who is going to run the business in their best interest. Also, other companies will be influenced by the perception they have of their officers. If all of the officers live corrupt lives, other companies are not going to want to do business with them, in the end, having its effects on the shareholders.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. I see people being terminated just because another member, or several members, do not want them in their position. For example, during one of my jobs, fratanizing was only an issue when it reflected someone higher management did not like. Who is to set the standards for morality and what is acceptable in someone's private life? I think that this would be the primary standard. In these cases, issues such as homosexuality and sexual orientation would probably become a factor....
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