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Terry Crew Bus 120 March 1st, 2009 Case 5.19, ID + 7 Identifying Ethical Issues - It is an ethical issue that the safety of the crew was disregarded as the limits for the temperature were cast aside so lightly. There were several members who testified that they had opposed the launch, and yet they were taken without consideration. I think that engineers who know the product, should have been involved in the decision to delay or continue the flight. Even though probably cause was presented to delay the departure, it was continued for publicity's sake. It is
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Unformatted text preview: un ethical that the people who spoke up about this, are on special assignments. 7. Groupthink is exactly what happened when the management group took of its 'engineering hats'. Everyone wanted the shuttle to go off, because of the publicity of having a teacher on-board. As a direct result of all the media press and everything, to please the public, the shuttle was launched, and destroyed. It was the common consensus that the shuttle should go off unless there was something horribly wrong that cost the lives of six astronauts and one teacher....
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