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Terry Crew 3.8.09 BUS 120 Case 6.11, Pg. 322 ID and #1 Ethical Issues There are many different issues with book-keeping mentioned in this case study, where the truth was diluted to make the company look better than it is in actuality. These are obviously ethical issues that came to public view. But, the most alarming to me, was the CEO who was a heavy spender. In companies world-wide, how much is attributed to things that have little to do with the company? The fact that this CEO spent thousands of dollars does not discriminate from the employee who uses the company copy machine, a company stapler, or a minute of the companies time. Then, hiding information from the public and selling their shares made Swartz and
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Unformatted text preview: Kozlowski highly unethical. 1. Economics and ethics are highly intertwined, because money is a great motivator. When it comes to making more money, people are willing to do things that may not be right, in order to make the extra dollar. The initial thing that hit Tyco was nothing more than uncertainty. When Enron went down, all the world took a look at corporate America and hesitated in investment, causing a loss in shares. As for the saying, I entirely agree. When one CEO steps down, it gives the impression that they are not the only one. If they have the ability to step down, and not be brought down, then there is an issue in American business. What is keeping these companies good-valued?...
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