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Terry Crew BUS 120 3.29.09 Pg. 421-423, 2+4 2. I think the difference is that the environmental issues of 30 years ago were abruptly facing everyone. Things such as the mentioned PVC, were physically there for everyone to examine. Nowadays, all the issues we are looking at are not things of the moment. Things such as burning oil and drilling for oil, are causing no immediate problems. And, the industries of our nation have become more responsible for making sure that nothing is dangerous for fear of lawsuit.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. I don't think that everyone will be so forthright. I think that there are other factors involved when people stand up for rights. I think that whatever issue you are looking at will always offer rise for personal ambition rather than the movement itself. And I think that anything that is not used for its intent is unethical when bringing things to the public light. If your going to use an auditing tool, I think that everyone should know....
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