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Terry Crew BUS 120 3.29.09 Pg. 432, 2+3 2. I do not think that it would be a breach of duty to act in the best interest of the patients, by also increasing the costs. In a health care profession, patients must come first. This means that cost is secondary. When people go to hospitals, they expect the best care regardless of prices. In the case of cloth diapers, this should be at least an option, with the increase incurred by the
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Unformatted text preview: patient. 3. I think that convenience comes before the environment in society. And, I think that in this case, it all depends on whether or not you must change diapers. If I had to change diapers, I would want the easier way out. But, perhaps some taxes or charges should be placed on the manufacturers of diapers in making sure that they are taken care of to make the environment safe....
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