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4.5.09Case8.2 - them and make sure that the company is...

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Terry Crew BUS 120 4.5.09 Pg. 455, 1 + 3 1. If I were an officer, I would change the campaign so that it did not target adults below the legal drinking age. If providing alcohol to minors is wrong, then why should it be right to target people below the drinking age? 3. Because ads for businesses are purely for profit, it is not wrong for the government to censor
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Unformatted text preview: them and make sure that the company is advancing good interests. False advertisement, for example, is crucial to making the American people safe. Also, it is in the interests of neighborhoods and cities to determine what they would like to see in their own communities - what is acceptable in Indianapolis may not be so in Terre Haute or Rosedale....
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