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BUSN105_083_Spring 2009_rev 0-1

BUSN105_083_Spring 2009_rev 0-1 - Syllabus BUS 105 80G...

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Syllabus BUS 105 80G Principles of Management, BUS 10580G_20083 Course ID or Number Course Title INSTRUCTOR : Lori Thomas, M.B.A. EMAIL : [email protected] PREREQUISITES: Demonstrated competency through appropriate assessment or earning a grade of “C” or better in ENGL 025 Introduction to College Writing II and ENGL 032 Reading Strategies for College II and MATH 044 Mathematics COREQUISITES: None. DIVISION: Business PROGRAM: Business Administration CREDIT HOURS: 3 VIRTUAL CONTACT HOURS Equivalent to Classroom Lecture: 3 hours DATE OF LAST REVISION: January 2009 EFFECTIVE REVISION DATE: January 2009 CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Describes the functions of managers, including the management of activities and personnel. Focuses on application of guidance principles in management. MAJOR COURSE LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of this course the student will be expected to: 1. Define management, managers, and the basic management functions. 2. Evaluate classical, behavioral, and quantitative management theory, as well as identify and describe contemporary management perspectives. 3. Distinguish between the external, task, and internal environments of organizations. 4. Discuss social responsibility, the meaning of ethics in the business setting, and the social audit. 5. Describe the roles of goals and goal setting in the planning process and identify barriers that may interface with goal setting. 6. Explain the strategic planning process and the process of strategy implementation. 7. List, describe, and apply the steps in the decision making process. 8. Identify and describe the major purposes for and types of forecasting techniques. 9. Discuss the nature of work specialization, departmentalization, and the span of management. 10. Discuss various forms of scheduling. 11. Discuss how organizational activities are coordinated and describe the management of organizational conflict. 12. Assess the nature of motivation and describe motivational techniques and programs. 13. Identify and describe contemporary perspectives on leadership and discuss political behavior and politics. 14. Define international business and recognize different international management
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strategies. COURSE CONTEN T: Topical areas of study include: Planning Decision Making Organizing Leading Motivating Controlling Ethics Technical Skills Team Building Not-for-profit managing Global Economy Interpersonal Skills REQUIRED TEXT AND MATERIALS: Management: A Practical Introduction Kinicki and Williams 3 rd Ed. McGraw-Hill. Textbook Bundled with Hot Seat Manager Code ISBN # 9780073530192 HOW TO OBTAIN YOUR TEXTBOOK: Ivy Tech online bookstore is available for you to purchase the texts required for this course. To order the texts required for this class or any other on-line course, go to http://ivytech.bkstr.com and follow the instructions.
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BUSN105_083_Spring 2009_rev 0-1 - Syllabus BUS 105 80G...

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