20 Virus, Baceria, Archea Questions

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Biol 104, Dr. Espinoza, S10 Study Sheet for Chapter 20 Viruses, Bacteria, & Archaea Biology 104 Modified with permission from Dr. Denny Smith Some of this information will be found in your readings, some in your lecture notes. 1. Review from last semester: What are the common properties of all life? 2. Which domain is most closely related to Eukarya? 3. Why are viruses not considered to be living organisms? 4. Give a complete description of the structure of viruses (name its parts). 5. Explain how viruses are classified. What are the four main groups we talked about? What traits distinguish them from one another? 6. What is meant by saying that viruses are host specific? (Give examples.) 7. Describe in detail how viruses replicate, making sure you distinguish lysogenic from lytic pathways. 8. Distinguish among viruses, viroids, and prions. 9. Distinguish between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells (review from last semester). 10. Be able to identify, describe, and give the function of the internal and external structures
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