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21 Protista Questions

21 Protista Questions - Biol 104 Dr Espinoza S10 Study...

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Biol 104, Dr. Espinoza, S10 Study Sheet for Chapters 21 The Protists Modified with permission from Dr. Denny Smith Some of this information will be found in your readings, some in your lecture notes. 1. From the first lecture PowerPoint, describe the differences between the four different lifestyles of cellular organisms in terms of the numbers and permanence of groupings of cells. 2. All organisms are divided into which three domains? 3. Describe how the endosymbiotic hypothesis helps explain the evolution of some organelles in protests (which organelles?). 4. By what mechanism did nuclei evolve? Did the nuclei evolve before or after mitochondria? Did chloroplasts evolve before or after mitochondria? What evidence do we have to build this timeline? 5. Give a general description of protists including their size, type and number of cells, how they obtain nutrients, and how they reproduce. 6. Why are protists not considered to be a clade or “natural group” of organisms? 7. What are two ways in which protists are ecologically important, and what is plankton?
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