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Biol 104, Dr. Espinoza, S10 Study Sheet For Chapter 35 Respiratory Systems Biology 104 Modified with permission from Dr. Denny Smith Some of this information will be found in your readings, some in your lecture notes. 1. What is the main point of a respiratory system? Do all organisms have specialized organs and tissues for respiration? 2. What is the basic mechanism that allows gas exchange regardless of the type of respiratory system? 3. What is respiration? In terrestrial vertebrates, what three steps are necessary for respiration to occur {hint: basic definitions slide}? 4. What is the difference between external and internal respiration? 5. What three characteristics of a respiratory region are necessary for gas exchange to occur? 6. In terrestrial vertebrates, describe and explain the importance of the following respiratory terms: respiratory surface, surface-to-volume ratio, diffusion, partial pressure, vascularization, and hemoglobin. 7.
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