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Biol 104, Dr. Espinoza, S10 Study Sheet For Chapter 36 Excretory System Biology 104 Modified with permission from Dr. Denny Smith Some of this information will be found in your readings, some in your lecture notes. 1. What are the two main functions of the excretory system? 2. What is osmolarity? What does it tell you? 3. What metabolic activity is responsible for most of the nitrogenous waste in your body? IOW, what is broken down? 4. Animals eliminate (excrete) nitrogenous waste from their bodies in what three chemical compounds? What are the problems with each of the three types? Which animals use each type? 5. Understand how osmosis helps to explain how your excretory system works. 6. Explain how cartilaginous fishes maintain their water balance? 7. Explain how your excretory system helps maintain homeostasis in your body. 8. Why do marine fish lose water to their environment and therefore must drink frequently and expel salt while freshwater fish gain water and need to uptake salt? What are the
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