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42 Development Questions

42 Development Questions - Biol 104 Dr Espinoza S10 Study...

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Biol 104, Dr. Espinoza, S10 Study Sheet for Chapter 42 Animal Development Biology 104 Modified with permission from Dr. Denny Smith Some of this information will be found in your readings, some in your lecture notes. 1. Describe in detail how fertilization occurs. Be sure to include a description of the mechanism of entry and the mechanisms of prevention of polyspermy. Distinguish between a fast and slow block. 2. Describe the following early embryonic stages of development: cleavage (cellular stage), gastrulation (tissue stage), mesoderm formation and organ formation? (Be able to identify these stages and the structures made during them in drawings or diagrams. Use the early development of the lancelet as a basis for your description. Include morula, blastocoel, blastula.) 3. List the three primary germ layers and give the tissues and organs that each layer becomes. 4. Explain how an animal’s nervous system develops. IOW, the process of neurulation of the frog.
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