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Understanding the Business Process - Administrative What is...

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Click to edit Master subtitle style 3/1/11 Entrepreneurship Understanding the Business Process Operations Finance Chief Executive Officer - The Entrepreneur REVENUE - COST = PROFIT Price X Volume = Revenue Set by Marketplace 1. Customers 2. Competitors 1. Target the Market 2. Communica te Cost Effectively 3. Persuade Customer 1. - COGS _______ Gross Profit/% Gross Margin 2. – Selling Cost 3. General &
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Unformatted text preview: Administrative ________ ________ What is it? Equity Debt What is it for? Capital Items Working Capital How much needed? Cash Flow Projections can show minimum you need. Plus you need a contingencies amount. Where to get it? Depends on size of amount needed. Depends on degree of Risk. How much to pay? Valuation of the Company. Pre Money/Post Money...
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