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lab10 - ECOR 1606 Lab#10 Final Lab Test Instructions Check...

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ECOR 1606 – Lab #10 – Final Lab Test Instructions Check the seating plan posted on the doors to ME4377 / ME4390 and sit in your assigned seat. Ask the TA or instructor for help, if required. Put your bag at the front of the room. All you need is your student card, and (optional) pen, blank paper, and calculator. All the files you need for this lab are in G:/1606BC/labtest . The files that you will need are: 1606w10labfinal.cribsheet.pdf : details of C++ syntax, library functions, and Seven Sins of Lab Tests 1606w10labfinal.marking.pdf : lab final details and marking scheme framework.cpp : C++ framework file to use as your starting point (open this file in Dev-C++ and save to Desktop or C:/Temp) lab10.pdf : this file submit1606labtest.exe : lab test submit program to get and submit your test As this is a test, it is closed book , and you may not access the internet or use devices such as USB keys , etc. The TAs and instructors will assist you with finding files, etc., but will
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