Exam-ECOR1606-2007April - 1 ECOR 1606 D&E FINAL...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 ECOR 1606 D&E FINAL EXAMINATION Winter 2007 DURATION: 3 HOURS No. of Students: 354 Department Name: Systems and Computer Engineering Course Number: ECOR 1606 – Problem Solving & Computers Course Instructor(s): Professors John Bryant and Ian Marsland AUTHORIZED MEMORANDA CLOSED BOOK, CALCULATORS NOT PERMITTED, DICTIONARY ALLOWED Students MUST count the number of pages in this examination question paper before beginning to write, and report any discrepancy to a proctor. This question paper has one cover page + 3 question pages + 2 crib sheet pages = 6 pages in all. This examination question paper MAY be taken from the examination room. In addition to this question paper, students require: an examination booklet yes no a Scantron sheet yes no READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE STARTING: 1. Answer all questions in the answer booklet provided. The answer booklet has 14 pages. Count them and report any discrepancy. If you do not have enough space to answer a question, make a note and continue your answer on the extra sheet provided for this purpose at the end of the booklet. If there is still not enough room, raise your hand and ask to be given an extra booklet. 2. There are four questions. Be sure that you find all of them. You may tear apart the question paper if you wish, but DO NOT tear apart the answer booklet. Use the back sides of the answer booklet pages for rough work. 3. Do not ask a question unless you believe that you have found a mistake in the exam paper. Exam questions will not be explained, and no hints will be given. You are limited to one question (unless it turns out there was in fact a mistake in the exam paper). Once the “question asked” box on your answer booklet has been ticked, no further questions will be answered....
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Exam-ECOR1606-2007April - 1 ECOR 1606 D&E FINAL...

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