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ECOR 1606 Exercise #3 Imagine that we like to determine whether some carpets will fit a room. We know the size of the room and the sizes of the carpets. For each carpet, there are three possibilities. The carpet may be a perfect fit, it may be large enough that it can be cut to size, or it may be of no use at all. Suppose, for example, that the room is 20 x 50 feet (or 50 x 20 feet) If a carpet is 20 x 50 feet (or 50 x 20 feet), it fits the room exactly. If a carpet is 30 x 60 feet (or 60 x 30 feet), it can be trimmed to size. If a carpet is 10 x 60 feet (or 60 x 10 feet), it is of no use at all. You are to create a C-- program (“ carpet.cmm ”) that reads in the size of the room and that then repeatedly reads in carpet sizes until 0 0 is entered. For each carpet size entered, your program should output a message indicating which of the three possibilities applies. An executable that behaves as your program should have been supplied. Running it should give you an excellent idea of what is required. Note that room and carpet dimensions may be
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