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CARLETON UNIVERSITY FINAL EXAMINATION APRIL 2007 DURATION: 3 HOURS Department Name and Course Number: Mathematics and Statistics, MATH 1005 Course Instructor(s): Dr. A. Alaca, Dr. S. Melkonian, Dr. R. Krechetnikov AUTHORIZED MEMORANDA Non-programmable, non-graphing calculator permitted. This examination may not be released to the Library. This examination paper may not be taken from the examination room. Instructions: 1. Please circle your section or “Deferred” below. Section A (Dr. A. Alaca) Section B (Dr. S. Melkonian) Section C (Dr. R. Krechetnikov) Deferred 2. Please provide your name, student number and signature below. Family Name Given Names Signature Student Number 3. This examination contains 12 pages. Please report any missing pages to the proctor. 4. Problems 1 - 10 are multiple choice, worth 4 marks each. Circle the correct answer. Only the answer will be marked. In problems 11 - 16, show your work.
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Final Examination, April 2007 – MATH 1005 Name Page 2 1. The orthogonal trajectories of the family of curves y = kx 3 satisfy the differential equation
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