Simple Lens Marking Scheme

Simple Lens Marking Scheme - 5 Less than 4 positions>2f...

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Simple Lens Marking scheme w10 Regular deductions for graphs, tables, front (cover ) page Short in-Lab report Max. Deductions Focal length using mirror Less than three positions 5 No finding error 5 No error on f 5 If the whole section missing 20 Focal length – real image Less than 4 positions between f and 2f
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Unformatted text preview: 5 Less than 4 positions >2f 5 No graph and error bars 15 No slope and error 7 f and error not calculated 8 If the whole section missing 40 Focal length from magnification Magnification graph |m| vs u missing 10 No f from the graph ( when |m|=1, f=u/2 10 If the whole section missing 20...
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