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Plagiarism Exercise 1 - Write or wrong Thoughts on...

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Write or wrong: Thoughts on plagiarism - by Kevin J. Browne 504569-thoughts-on-plagiarism Write or wrong: Thoughts on plagiarism by Kevin J. Browne Some polls taken recently indicate that upwards of 70% of college students admit to cheating of some kind during their college careers. Obviously for those of us who are charged with educating college students this is very disturbing. What's worse, many don't seem to understand why cheating is wrong. I want to clarify the issue involved here because the problem is important and not uncommon in online classes. The whole point of education is for you to learn something useful. Knowing something doesn't simply mean being able to look it up. This being the case the point of academic assignments such as exams and papers is not for you to simply provide the instructor with information that is accurate but to demonstrate that you have mastered the concepts involved. Copying another person's work simply doesn't demonstrate that you have the knowledge; only that you were able
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