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Iran Arellanes Gina Michaels Anthropology 3 December 9, 2010 Immigrant Interview My informant name is Antonio. He is 20 years old and he is living in United States for about four years. He is from the city of Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico. He has two sisters and two brothers that are older than him and one brother who is younger than him. Antonio’s older brothers got married and leave the house while Antonio and his little brother were attending school. Antonio’s parents had to work hard in order to feed them and keep them in school. However, his dad was retired from the company where he worked and he could not support the family anymore. Therefore, Antonio decided to leave school and find a job to help his parents and help his little brother to continue attending middle school. Antonio was working as a bus driver helper where he was making $4 dollars per day. In many occasions, they have to eat only beans and tortillas because $4 dollars a day was not enough for a family of four. Therefore, he decided to come to the U. S. in order to help his family. One important thing that called my attention was that a gallon of milk in Antonio’s country costs $3 dollars and a pound of meat costs $4 dollar, so almost all products that were sold in Mexico have the same price than here in U. S. He explained to me that food was delicious in his country and even a coup of milk or coke was delicious. But he could not understand that now that he has the money to buy milk every day, why a coup of milk does not taste the same? I believe his ability to buy and drink milk almost
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everyday may influence to reduce the taste of the milk because the idea that he does not have to work hard in U. S. in order to buy milk made him appreciate milk when he got the opportunity to buy it in Mexico, thereby making the milk delicious in his mind. Antonio’s life in Mexico was full of traditional celebrations such as Christmas, San Valentines Days, New Year, and Day of the Dead. The most important celebration in Antonio’s country was the Day of the Dead because that was the day where they could remember and honor their family who are already dead. They have to make an altar to their death family where the put a coup of drink and a plate of food that was the favorite
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anthropology - Iran Arellanes Gina Michaels Anthropology 3...

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