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CASE STUDY: Scope Creep in Marketing Support Systems *Cases are written by Dwight Worker, Indiana University Kindly read the Case and discuss the question provided: Players: Lillian McCoy successful regional marketing manager for your company Your staff of developers and yourself You are leading a team of developers in-house creating a marketing support system for your company. You have sat down with the marketing team a number of times for requirements. Lillian and her staff have missed a few meetings. Often they are interrupted by phone calls from customers during the meetings that you have had. Not one time has all of her staff shown up to a meeting. Nevertheless, they have finally signed off on the requirements and you have begun designing and developing the application. Your schedule calls for implementation in three months. Hardly a week goes by when Lillian does not visit you to look at the system. Each time she has said "Oh, by the way I just remembered…" something and then suggests that you
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