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Assignments2 - element in the circular link list to hold...

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Assignments #2 Due by 10/12/2006, Thursday Note: this assignment consists of two parts: writing part and programming part. Please staple your papers before submission! If you have questions on the assignments, please let me know ASAP! [Writing Part: 40]: 10 points Exercises 4, 5, 9, 10, 11 in Exercises 9.4 , each with 2 points [Programming Part: 20]: 10 points Use class template to implement a generic Queue class. In this Queue class, you must use a circular linked list (as shown in page 423, it maintains a pointer pointing to the last
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Unformatted text preview: element in the circular link list) to hold the queue elements. (1) The Queue class must provide all the operations as shown in Figure 8.3 (which instead uses a linked list to implement the Queue class), page 415-417. (2) Write a driver/client program to test the Queue template with different data types such as int, double, char, string, etc. When you do this problem, you should always keep in your mind the three RULES in class templates!...
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