schedule - Quicksort 11/20 Ch.13 Mergesort 11/22...

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Note: This tentative schedule just represents a draft of course roadmap. I reserve the right to ajust and revise it duing the course of teaching when necessary. Tentative Schedule Date Topics Remarks 09/27 Introduction reading Chap. 4-8 09/28 Chap. 4-8 review 10/02 Chap. 4-8 review 10/04 Chap 9 Class Template 10/05 Chap 9 Class Template 10/09 Chap 10.4 Big-O notation 10/11 Big-O, Ch.10.4 Big-O notation 10/12 Ch.12 Binary search trees (BST) 10/16 Ch.12 BST 10/18 Ch.12 BST 10/19 Ch.12 Hashing 10/23 Mid-Exam Exam 10/25 Ch.12 Hashing 10/26 Ch.13 Basic Sorting Algorithms 10/30 Ch.13 Basic Sorting Algorithms 11/01 Ch.13 basic sorting alg. 11/02 Ch.13 Heaps, Heapsort 11/06 Ch.13 Heaps, Heapsort 11/08 Ch.13 Heaps and heapsort
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11/09 Ch.13 Priority queues 11/13 Exam 2 ? 11/15 Ch.13 Quicksort 11/16 Ch.13
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Unformatted text preview: Quicksort 11/20 Ch.13 Mergesort 11/22 Thanksgiving No classes 11/23 Thanksgiving No classes 11/27 Ch.15 Tree balancing 11/29 Ch.15 Tree balancing 11/30 Ch.15 Tree balancing 12/04 Exam Review Review 12/06 EXam Review Review This is a personal WEB site developed and maintained by an individual and not by Seattle University. The content and link(s) provided on this site do not represent or reflect the view(s) of Seattle University. The individual who authored this site is solely responsible for the site's content. This site and its author are subject to applicable University policies including the Computer Acceptable Use Policy ( ....
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schedule - Quicksort 11/20 Ch.13 Mergesort 11/22...

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