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Chemistry 030-205 September 23, 2010 Conference Questions 4 Answers 1 . Consider allene (H 2 CCCH 2 ). What is the geometric relationship between the planes defined by the two CH 2 groups? They are 90° apart (build the model!) CC C H H H H 2. Draw 1,2 dibromoethane in the conformation that has the largest dipole moment [use a sawhorse projection or a Newman projection] H H Br H H Br gauche: H Br H Br H H (or gauche) 3. Draw the highest energy conformation for 2-methylbutane H H CH 3 3 HC H 3 Draw the lowest energy conformation: H 3 H 3 H 3 Sketch the potential energy diagram for free rotation about the 2-3 bond:
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questions4_fa10_ans - Chemistry 030-205 Conference...

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