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Chemistry 030-205-01 October 28, 2010 Problem Set 7 1. Complete the following reaction and describe the stereochemical relationship of the products. Br 2 draw all possible products with 1 eq. of Br 2 Br Br Br Br Br Br (yields at 25 o are A:3%, B: 21% and C:76%)
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Unformatted text preview: Why is one 1,2 product in higher yield? A B C 2. Complete the following reactions: HgSO 4 H 2 SO 4 /H 2 O R 2 BH OH-/H 2 O 2 R= OH-/H 2 O 2 R 2 BH H 2 SO 4 /H 2 O HgSO 4 O H O O O Either reagent will form these products +...
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