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1 Exam II Chem 205-002 November 8, 2007 Name_______________________________ I agree to complete this exam without unauthorized assistance from any person, materials, or device. ____________________________________ Signature and Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 total Exam policy 1) No electronic devices of any kind, such as calculators, cell phones, even more advanced digital watches are not allowed. Possession of such devices during the exam is grounds for awarding a zero on the exam. 2) Molecular models are allowed, but no instruction pages are permitted. 3) Relevant tables, including the periodic table, are attached at the end of this exam. 4) Numerical values given in one question apply only to this question, and should not be used in other questions, unless there is a specific instruction to do so. If necessary, the values from the provided tables should be used, even if they differ from values that you may remember from different sources. 5) Write in pen. 6) Use the spaces provided for your answer if they are present. Answers that are not written in the spaces, will not be considered for grading. 7) Be neat and clear. Make sure we know which answer is to be graded. 8) Some questions will have points deducted for incorrect responses. 9) Keep your answers brief. Notes: I . The stereochemistry in structural drawings and reaction schemes is not shown unless explicitly indicated with wedge-bond designations. For example: Br Cl Br Cl Stereochemistry not shown Stereochemistry shown II. Abbreviations used: Me = methyl, Et = ethyl, Pr = propyl, Bu = butyl, Pe = pentyl, Ph = phenyl, (i.e., benzene as a substituent), AcO = acetate (H 3 CCOO), TosO - = p-toluenesulfonate (tosyl).
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2 1. (24 pts) Provide the missing starting material, product, or reagent for the following
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exam2 fall 07_key - Exam II Chem 205-002 November 8, 2007 1...

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