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lost laguage - My shopping consist of gold articles costing...

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Date:Oct. 03,2010. H#21,st#06,Anaytabagh, Baghbanpura. G.T Road, Lahore. Pakistan International Airlines, Lahore. Subject: Retrieval of lost suitcase. Dear Sir\Mam , I was booked on flight PK-109 for Lahore, flying out of Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. Upon my arrival in Lahore, I discovered that my luggage had been lost somewhere during flight. My suitcase was black in color and its dimensions were about 6’x2’x0.5’.It consist of a boarding tag by my name. Inside my suitcase there were some important documents’ like business documents etc, other than this there were some shoppings I have done from Karachi on my tour.
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Unformatted text preview: My shopping consist of gold articles costing approximately 50,000 Pakistani Rupees. So, In total the cost of the total luggage were about 70 to 75 thousand Pakistani Rupees. To date, I have not received any sort of information or compensation from Pakistan International Airlines for the cost of my luggage . I would like to speak with someone as soon as possible about resolving this unpleasant situation. You may reach me at 03464567951,Or on the above mentioned Address. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Regards, Signature: Name: Awais Sohail. Enclosed: List of luggage + Photocopy of boarding pass....
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