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ARE157 Spring 2011 ANALYSIS FOR PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Instructor: Marilyn Whitney 2140 Social Science [email protected] or [email protected] Office hours : Tuesday 10:00, Thursday 11:00, starting Jan. 11th Text :: Principles of Operation Management by Heizer and Render, 8th edition, 0-13-611446-6. (7th ed. would also be okay) This course examines how firms can optimize their production processes and continuously improve the quality of their goods and services. Tentative Schedule of Lectures and Examinations Jan. 3--Feb.7 Chapter 1 Operations and Productivity Chapter 2 Operations Strategy in a Global Environment Chapter 6 + supplement Managing Quality/Statistical Process Control Chapter 4 Forecasting Chapter 5 Design of Goods and Services
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Process Strategy and Sustainability Chapter 9 Layout strategies Chapter 8 Location Strategies Chapter 10 Human Resources, Job Design and Work Measurement Midterm: Wednesday, Feb. 9 Feb. 14--Mar. 14 Chapter 11 Supply chain management Chapter 13 Aggregate planning Chapter 12 Inventory management Chapter 14 MRP and ERP Chapter 16 JIT and lean operations Chapter 15 Scheduling and controlling manufacturing and services Chapter 3 Scheduling and controlling projects Ch. 17 (if time allows) Maintenance and reliability Final: Tuesday, March 15, 8:00-10:00 am (sorry about early time slot!) Grading: 4 homework assignments @ 50 pts each 200 midterm @ 400 points 400 . final @ 400 points 400 Total possible: 1000...
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