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FST 10 Fall Quarter 2010 Syllabus Food Science, Folklore & Health FST 10 is a General Education Course in SciEng and SocSci. Lectures are T&R, 9:00-10:20 AM in SciLec 123 Instructors: Charles F Shoemaker ( [email protected] ) Gary M Smith ([email protected]) Text: (Recommended) On Food & Cooking: The Science & Lore of the Kitchen; (Revised) By Harold McGee Other readings: Short readings will be posted on Class SmartSite Lecture slides: Will be posted on SmartSite Office Hours: TBA DATE INST LECTURE TOPIC TEXT READING 23-Sep CFS Food Is? SmartSite Readings 28-Sep CFS Human Senses & Food SmartSite Readings 30-Sep CFS Fruits & Vegetables 2 451-513, 245-299 05-Oct CFS GMO’s and Organic foods 301-384 07-Oct CFS Midterm #1 12-Oct CFS Flavors 385-447 14-Oct CFS Beverages 713-755
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Unformatted text preview: 19-Oct CFS Early USA food history 21-Oct CFS Later USA food history: laws and regulations 26-Oct CFS Midterm #2 28-Oct GMS Sugars, and sweeteners 645-680 02-Nov GMS Starches, Pectins, Polysaccharides & Dietary Fiber 258; 541-42; 611-16; 296-97; 803-05 04-Nov GMS Animal & Plant Fats & Oils (lipids) 797-802; 18-21; 37-39; 183 09-Nov GMS Proteins, Essential Amino Acids, Enzymes 11-Nov Vacation Day, Veterran’s Day 805-809 16-Nov GMS Midterm #3 18-Nov GMS Food-borne Infections and intoxications 125-127; 185; 260; 298-299; 23-Nov GMS Fermentation & Preservation: Acid, Temperature, Water Activity 25-Nov Vacation Day, Thanksgiving 771-76; 797-802 30-Nov GMS Milk and processed dairy foods 7-44; 45-67 02-Dec GMS Cultured dairy foods: cheeses, yogurt and buttermilk 07-Dec GMS Midterm #4 8:00AM...
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