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Comm 409 Exam - Comm 409 Exam 1 In the Citizen Jayne case...

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Comm 409 Exam 1. In the Citizen Jayne case, Miller’s board memberships could be questioned because as the board member she was dealing with officials that could have an influence on whether or not the groups she was involved in received public funds. If, as a journalist, Miller was to report on these figures, her reporting could potentially be altered by the fact that she would not want to upset these figures, thus altering her obligation to report an entire, unbiased truth. 2. In the Reporter-Officer Case, the Don Shelby’s comparison of Lowe going through police training “your court reporter getting a law degree” is flawed because the difference between earning a law degree and the situation the Lowe put herself in is that Lowe actually served as an auxiliary police officer, thus putting herself into a real-life situation as a police officer. A court reporter earning a law degree is much different; it consists of the reporter simply furthering their knowledge, not going out and acting as a lawyer. 3. In the Defending Reagan Case, the logic of Staley’s supervisor in defending her actions is flawed because Staley was at the event covering the story and therefore should not have done anything to interfere with what was going on there. Although Staley may have been done covering the event, she was still there as a
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Comm 409 Exam - Comm 409 Exam 1 In the Citizen Jayne case...

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