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Apr 20, 2010|10:53 pm Crops Maize Maize is the only GM crop that is grown commercially in the EU. For the most part, maize is used for feeding livestock and as raw material for the starch industry. Starch, however, forms the basis of many foods and food additives. Genetically modified maize was grown for the first time in the US and Canada in 1997. Since then, GM maize production has expanded to more than 35 million hectares worldwide. Now, about 80 per cent of the maize produced in the US is genetically modified. Many countries in North and South America, Africa, and Asia grow GM maize. Two traits are expressed by today’s GM maize cultivars: insect resistance and herbicide tolerance. More and more, cultivars are being grown that express both of these traits simultaneously (stacked genes). A field with genetically modified Bt maize near Seville. About 80,000 hectares of GM maize are now grown in Spain. Photo: Fundacion Antama, Damage from the European corn borer. The larvae chew through and hollow out the corn stalk, eventually causing the plant to tip over. These plants cannot be
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Genetically+Modified+Maize+in+the+EU - Apr 20, 2010| 10:53...

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