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PSC 1: Introductory Psychology Fall 2010 – Post Final Exam Study Questions The following scenarios are presented to you so that you can be familiar with the information contained within each. You can study these questions and decide what you think the answers are, before being presented with them on the exam. This study guide is provided to prevent you having to “digest” large amounts of information while you are being tested; it is not meant as a way to prep you fully for the whole exam. 1. Achmed claims that men are more aggressive than women because in the past, being aggressive increased men's reproductive chances. Clarisse argues that this difference is a result of men being rewarded and women being punished for being aggressive. Achmed is taking the ______ approach while Clarisse is taking the ______ approach to understanding aggressiveness. 2. In a drug study, schizophrenics received either an experimental drug or a placebo. The patients were then evaluated to see if the drug decreased symptoms. Neither the experimenter nor the patients knew who received the drug and who received the placebo. This study used ________________. 3. Although Victoria has read and re-read her term paper many times, she still fails to see repeated words and typographical errors. Every time she reads it, she perceives what she is expecting to perceive, rather than what is actually printed on the page. This is an example of ______ processing. 4. Reginald's camera always makes a clicking noise just before the flash goes off. After taking many pictures of his little brother Devin, he presses the button, the camera clicks, but the flash does not go off. Despite this, Devin blinks just as he did when the flash was working. This is an example of ______ conditioning, and the flash is the ______. 5. Jon ate a hamburger that was contaminated with nasty bacteria.
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PSC1+F10+Final+Study+Questions - PSC 1: Introductory...

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