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PSC 1: Introductory Psychology Fall 2010 – Post Exam III Study Questions 1.Roderick has hostile thoughts and acts in a more hostile manner than most people. Roderick's behavior tends to offend most people and in turn creates an environment of hostility to which Roderick reacts with even more negative thoughts and behaviors. Roderick is caught up in ____________. 2.Factor analysis is useful to a psychologist pursing a trait approach to personality because it allows him or her to _______________. 3.Dr. Chun believes that each person has an innate tendency toward growth and self- fulfillment. He believes that dysfunctions in personality result from dysfunctions in the perception of reality. Dr. Chun takes a ______________ approach to personality. 4.Psychoanalytic tests like the Rorschach and the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) operate under the principle of which defense mechanism? 5.When Ahmad talks, his words are meaningless. He giggles for no reason, and makes ritualistic movements while hallucinating. He is most likely suffering from _______. 6.While interviewing Joe, Dr. Willard discovers that Joe has a genetic predisposition for schizophrenia because his uncle and mother had schizophrenia. Dr. Willard also believes the fact that Joe was homeless for several months after being expelled from school and
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PSC1F10+Exam+III+study+questions - PSC 1: Introductory...

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