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PSC 1 Introductory Psychology Spring 2008 Final Exam Major Terms & Concepts Understand the meaning of these terms and you will perform well on the final exam. Introduction to Psychology psychology’s relationship to philosophy other epistemologies empiricism objective reality structuralism & functionalism Wundt’s & James’s contributions Freud’s & Watson’s contributions different perspectives in psychology Research Methods goals of psychological research assumptions of the scientific method hypothesis & theory variables independent & dependent operational definitions types of designs features, strengths & weaknesses experiment can test causation steps of the scientific method inferential statistics issues in research random assignment double-blind design issues in research ethics IRBs ethical obligations Biological Psychology neuron anatomy pre-, post synaptic neuron how a neuron fires how neurotransmitters work nervous sytem structure & function peripheral, central NS 4 lobes: general functions of 2 hemispheres: function of endocrine system structure & function brain research methods Sensation & Perception shared principles of both law of specific nerve energies
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PSC1F10+Final+Exam+terms - PSC 1 Introductory Psychology...

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