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1 Introduction to Psychology Lecture 8: Language & Thought The Cognitive Revolution 19th Century focus on the mind – Introspection Behaviorist focus on overt responses – arguments regarding incomplete picture of arguments regarding incomplete picture of human functioning Empirical study of cognition – 1956 conference Simon and Newell – problem solving Chomsky – new model of language Miller – memory Language: Turning Thoughts into Words • Properties of Language Symbolic St i Semantic Generative Structured
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2 Language Development: Milestones • Video: Discovering Psychology: Language Development # • Initial vocalizations similar across languages – Crying, cooing, babbling • 6 months – babbling sounds begin to resemble surrounding language • 1 year – first word – similar cross-culturally – words for parents – receptive vs. expressive language Table 8.2 Overview of Typical Language Development Language Development: Milestones Continued 18-24 months – vocabulary spurt – fast mapping – over and underextensions End of second year – combine words – Telegraphic speech – Mean Length of Utterance (MLU) End of third year – complex ideas, plural, past tense – Overregularization
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Language+_+Thought+3+slides - Introduction to Psychology...

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