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1 Introduction to Psychology Lecture 14: Social Influence Social Influence • Conformity, Compliance, & Obedience – What Influences Each • Altruism & Helping Behavior – Theories & Influences – Bystander Effect & Diffusion of Responsibility • Group Processes – Social Inhibition & Facilitation – Groupthink Conformity and Compliance • Conformity: Change behavior or beliefs to match others. • Compliance: Adjust behavior because of a request. – Requests can be explicit or implicit.
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Asch, S. E. (1955). Opinions and social pressure. Scientific American , 193, 31-35 Asch’s Line Experiment Conformity:Yielding to Others • Conformity – Solomon Asch (1950s) – Classic experiment • Group size • Group unanimity Why Do People Conform? • Two Types of Conformity – Public conformity – Private acceptance • Why are group norms powerful? – Desire to be correct. – Want to be liked. – Indicates how social rewards and punishments
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Social+Influence+08+NOTES - Introduction to Psychology...

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