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live free and starve

live free and starve - Class English 2 In her essay Live...

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Class: English 2 In her essay “Live Free and Starve”, Chitra Divakaruni questions the usefulness of the bill that bans the import of goods produced by forced child labor in the Third World countries. She argues that the passage of this bill will not give these children freedom in a way we understand it but rather will increase poverty, lead to violence and crime in these countries. The author says that to be considered effective, this bill has to go hand in hand with other programs. Divakaruni’s argument is convincing because it supported by strong evidence. By presenting the problem, emphasizing its complexity, and strengthening her arguments with evidence and emotional appeals, Divakaruni effectively convinces the reader of her point of view. In “Live Free and Starve”, Chitra Divakaruni states that while Americans hear of children sweatshops, their actions to stop these actually are hurting those they are trying to protect. Divakaruni presents enough evidence to convince the audience that passing the bill that prohibits the import of goods from countries that use child labor will do more harm than good to these children. Divakaruni starts her essay by emphasizing emotional feeling and showing her
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