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Business Trend Analysis In order for a new idea to be feasible it must be able to have a market (customer) in an industry with growth potential. Trends are thought of as those ideas that are on the cutting edge – things that are shaping our world and the future. They provide insight for entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities in the marketplace and also when evaluating the feasibility of an idea. Your assignment for the Business Trend Analysis is to find a particular trend in any industry where you have an interest… for instance, what are the trends in the social networking industry; what are trends in the “green” industry; what are trends in the consumer products industry. From this you are to come up with a business idea you feel would be feasible in this particular
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Unformatted text preview: industry. Using the Evaluation Process on page 223-224 of your textbook, evaluate your idea. This evaluation does not have to be in great depth, but you will need to provide enough information that the class understands your concept two to three pages should be sufficient. We will discuss this in class and use it as one of the ideas we discuss in class for the feasibility group project. For this assignment you will need to provide: 1. The trending information you selected for your industry. Copies of web pages are sufficient for this part. 2. A typed report with your business idea stated clearly along with the completed Evaluation Process questions from the book. Use of APA style citation is required! This is to be turned in on the day of the discussion in class....
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