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Drew Harrison MGT 3111 Section 2 The E Myth Revisited Report In The E Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber discuses how to create or fix your business to function correctly, efficiently, and, most of all, without you there. Overall The E Myth Revisited is a fairly logical and accurate view on how and why businesses start, succeed, and fail. However, not every aspect of the book is applicable to every business, it is more oriented towards brick and mortar service business. He also goes into a more emotional standpoint later on in the book, particularly in part III, which I believe should be kept separate from business. Gerber’s two main emphases in the book are the personalities possessed by business owners and how they interact, and the other is the franchising model and how it can be implemented in small businesses. Gerber says there are three personalities of a business owner, the Technician, the Manager, and the Entrepreneur and all are involved in the process of running a business. The Technician is the doer; in fact, Gerber says that it’s because of the Technician that most business are started. When someone is stricken with an “Entrepreneurial Seizure” as Gerber calls it, the technician thinks that he knows this technical work better than anyone, so he decides to open his own business. The Technician lives in the present, he is only focused on the work that needs to be done and the other two personalities get in the Technicians way. The Technician finds the system “dehumanizing” and as a result becomes hard to manage, putting the Technician at odd
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with the manager. In a business’s infancy the Technician is the primary personality of a
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E myth report - Drew Harrison MGT 3111 Section 2 The E Myth...

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