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1Feasibility Study Outline – MGT 3111 Revised Jan 11 i. Cover Sheet ii. Table of Contents YOU MUST PROPERLY CITE YOUR SOURCES! I. INDUSTRY BACKGROUND INFORMATION Purpose: Provides critical information to the reader related to the context of the study (context – the environment or setting in which the business will compete). Should clearly define and describe the industry in which the business will compete; include size of market, growth pattern, and trends. Include discussion of supply and demand factors along with other market forces such as culture, regulatory issues, etc. A. Summary of Industry – Macro (nationally and internationally) B. Summary of Industry – Micro (local) C. Goals – both strategic and operational – for the business over the next three years D. Trends in the industry both macro and micro – those trends that will be most important, such as projected growth of the industry (using the industry life cycle), labor availability, size and nature of competition, reasons for these trends. E. Reason for the proposal – explanation of factors influencing the businesses’ founders to consider a change is needed. Should relate to the reader what problems this new business can solve to either an existing business model or product. II. PROPOSED PRODUCT OR SERVICE – Purpose: Describes the proposed product and/or service to the reader. There are a number of elements to be included, since this allows the reader to fully understand what the business owners are proposing. This should be the longest section of the feasibility study. A. Develop a Mission Statement. What is your vision for starting this business or developing the product or service? This needs to be stated clearly in order to develop the Mission Statement, which guides the entire organization as the “what business are we in”. B.
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Feasibility_Plan_Ouline_Rev_jan11 - 1Feasibility Study...

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