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1 THE E-MYTH REVISITED Report must be typed, using proper grammar and spelling. Put your name and section on each page. 1. Describe the Franchise Prototype model and its implications on both the small business owner and the business itself. Note : The author is not discussing how to franchise a business. 2. There are three personality types embodied in the small business owner. Describe each in detail and how they interact with each other in the small business setting.
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Unformatted text preview: Also describe the implications of each on the business as it grows from Infancy to the Adolescent phase. 3. Add your own opinions of this book and its impact on your entrepreneurial endeavors. I am looking for your ability to read, comprehend, and utilize the information presented in this book. If you disagreed with some of the theories, tell me why and explain what you would do differently. You will never be penalized for stating your opinion....
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