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Drew-Harrison-FIN-3845-Cash-Position 1b - Defend your...

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Drew Harrison Finance 3845/7845 January 31, 2011 Assignment #1b Name Finance 3845 7845 Circle One Degree/Major Recommendation for cash position in the Tiger Fund: Circle One: 1.Keep it as it is 2.Increase it 3 .Decrease it How much cash should we have in the Tiger Fund? Be specific. Decrease it 1. If you recommend keeping it as it is, state why you believe the market will increase in the coming months in defense of your position. 2. If you recommend increasing it, state why you believe the market will decline in the coming months in your defense of your position. What should we sell? (State either specific stocks or industries) 3. If you recommend decreasing it, answer the following: What should we do with the cash? Be specific.
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Unformatted text preview: Defend your position. I believe we should decrease our cash position by a little less than half to 0.5% of the fund because I’m not a big believer in keeping cash because it gains no interest. With the 0.41% from the Cash we should invest in either Financials or Consumer Discretionary companies anticipating an economic upturn. I believe a market increase is inevitable over the next several years and there are many undervalued companies within Financials and Consumer Discretionary sectors to gain returns on instead of sitting on the cash. With the eventual upturn in the economy and the increase consumer buying power there will be an increase in both sectors....
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Drew-Harrison-FIN-3845-Cash-Position 1b - Defend your...

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